Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lenovo Flash Drives

I've always liked the look of my ThinkPad, so when this USB flash drive project came up, I decided to explore what some Lenovo memory sticks might look like. Here are my design ideas, demonstrated using a combination of 3D and 2D tools. I built a basic model in Alias, did some quick renderings and then finished out the images in Photoshop. First, here are the sketches that led to the final designs:

And next some VERY quick 3D models with some sketching/exploration on top. An IBM branded version and then a cool click-open-click-closed design that I really liked:

Finally, I tweaked the model a little and added rounded corners, rendered again, and finished it out in Photoshop:

I've learned that there's not always one perfect tool for any given task; sometimes the best choice is to make your own, combine, manipulate, or re-configure. I've also realized that by doing this, you have the opportunity to create your own unique visual style (imagine if every designer used the same design programs and all the default settings!). Just like learning to write or draw, desginers must deveop a personal digital style.


Michael said...

Looks good - I like the way you finished out the details.

Ross Velazquez said...

The black one is awesome. I'd totally buy one if I used a thinkpad.

DENt said...

damnnnnnnnnnnnnn yo this is some SERIOUSNESS!

I really dig the sleek Lenovo look