Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Brand to Live by

I found out about Nau back in January through co-workers at Kaleidoscope. From their site: "Nau is an outdoor apparel company born out of a desire to do business differently. From designing our clothes and developing our fabrics, to the way in which we build our stores, to our dedication to supporting organizations working for positive change, we are striving towards a more sustainable approach to being in business."

This brand is innovative in almost every way, from their "webfront" stores (Which encourage internet shopping, a more sustainable choice) right down to their products which embody "beauty, performance, and sustainability"- attributes that have traditionally been viewed as mutually exclusive. Their strong belief in these three qualities pervades every aspect of their business, and they are happy to share that fact. By being transparent and encouraging customers to contribute their own ideas, via a blog/community called The Thought Kitchen, Nau succeeds as a lifestyle brand.

The company unfortunately closed its doors back in May (now under different ownership) but plans to reopen later this month. They are really the only clothing company to integrate sustainability so fully into their products and practices, and not at the expense of performance or style. I highly recommend keeping tabs on their site this month.

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